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Things have been a little slow for Katie Morgan and her husband...in the bedroom area lately and she even adds that she never masturbated herself. Her friend Dana Vespolie can`t believe it! She suggests that she shows her how to masturbate. Well, god knows Katie could use a little more excitement these days. Cherie DeVille and Kenzie Taylor are catching up after life`s kept them apart awhile. Cherie looks distressed and when Kenzie asks about it, she admits that she`s getting a divorce. In fact, there`s someone ELSE she`d rather grow old with...And it`s a woman. When rival corporate executive Bridgette B opens the door to Reagan Foxx`s office, the hostility between them is more than evident by the way they lock eyes. Although the demands to seal their deal initially started off as fairly harmless, Bridgette insists that they must make it be so that only lesbian relationships are accepted within the office. The sexual tensions between them is at an all-time high.
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