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Emma Hix and Audrey Royal want to be class president and Mr. Rich is the deciding vote. Both girls take a crack at swaying Mr. Rich`s decision in their favor, by offering up their mouths and pussies. First girl to make him cum, wins!

Allora Ashlyn overhears two teachers talking about how many girls they`ve screwed over the past grading period. Allora tells them they have to double team her or she`ll rat them out to the principal. How could they possibly refuse such an offer?

Dolly Leigh has been failing music and approaches her teacher about how to save her grade. He tells her if she can play one instrument she`ll pass the class. Turns out the only instrument she can play is the skin flute . . . and she`s pretty damn good too!

Jenna Reid causes a chemistry explosion and gets dangerous chemicals all over her clothes. Her teacher instructs her to remove her clothes and tells her there`s only one way to get the extra credit she needs. Jenna doesn`t need to be told twice.

Mercedes Carrera is the sexy teacher all the students want to bang. When she catches Brad taking inappropriate pictures of her she tells him if he wants to see her pussy, all he needs to do is ask. Now Brad wants to stay after class every day.
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