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When Kylie discovers that her stepbrother`s girlfriend is cheating on him, she suggests he get revenge by fucking another girl, and when she starts undressing and teasing him with her perfect, little body, he realizes exactly who that girl is going to be. Kharlie bets her stepbrother that she could get a guy hard just by twerking; he doesn`t believe her and when he pops a rod watching that tight ass bounce up and down he loses the car for a day, but the blowjob and wet pussy he got later, made it all worth it! Alexis was about to light up when her stepbrother caught her and said he`d tell mom unless she agreed to put something else in her mouth; the next day Alexis got stuck sneaking in through the window but it`s all good, because her stepbrother was there to take advantage of that sexy ass! Ally`s stepbrother has a thing for her so it was no surprise that he got a hard on while rubbing lotion on her back; taking it as a compliment Ally let him finger her pussy while she jerked him off. This only sparks more kinky, forbidden encounters between this young pair.
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