Item #: EM3126 | Manufacturer: Cyrex Ltd
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With a squeezable outer case applying adjustable pressure and bipolar 2mm connection for an estim stimulator, the realistic sleeve comes to life; making your shaft throb and pulsate with pleasure. Now Available In 2 Sizes!
Although the size difference between the standard and XL two may seem subtle, the extra space within the sleeve of the XL allows for a more comfortable experience for men with a penis girth to 1.9inches (diameter).

The two sleeves also offer different textures specially designed and tested to provide the optimum stimulation. Standard has a raised bumps texture that squeezes you tightly for intense contact while the XL sleeve has an indented ?ribs? texture that produces a subtle suction sensation during use.

A tube of conductive gel is also included.

- XL Orifice minimum diameter: 37mm (1.45")
- XL Orifice maximum diameter: 48mm (1.9")
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